Online tools

For your convenience we provide a small number of online tools related to websites, web hosting and domain names.

We have tried to keep the tools basic and easy to use without to much clutter.

Global WhoIs domain availability checker

Our WhoIs domain name checker allows you to check whether or not a domain name is free and if not who to contact in the case of questions about the domain together with the duration of the registration.


A search engine's view (botview)

An online tool showing you what a page looks like from the point of view of the search engines.
The result will categorize the words in your page according to their position in the document and calculate frequency and density of the 30 most used words in your page.


Page size checker

This tools allows you to check the total download size of your page(s). This check is as comprehensive as we could make it and checks for css, images, pages, inline frame pages, frame pages etc. and recursively checks any parseable files found, a complete list with the links is presented on completion.


Google page rank checker

This tool will will show you your page's PageRank as displayed by the GoogleBar. Google PageRank is Google’s way of assessing the relative quality of a Web site or Web page on the Internet.
PageRank is measured on a scale of 0 to 10, the stronger the PageRank of a given Web page, the higher the corresponding score on the scale.


Check a website's server:

This script will query the domain you supplied and return the server response and its associated IP address. This in general includes the html version used for displaying the index page, server program, scripting languages it supports etc.