Global WhoIs domain availability checker

Our WhoIs domain name checker allows you to check whether or not a domain name is free and if not who to contact in case of questions about the domain. Our database currently supports 285 top level, second level and country level domains. If a valid server is known full results are returned, if the domain has a web-based interface we will try to supply you with the corresponding link or if all else fails we will direct you to the corresponding page at the Internet Assigned Names Authority.

  • There is a great, free and highly configurable windows tool available to help you find an available domain name at Analogx
  • If you want to buy your own domain name (.com, .net, .org, etc.) you can find a full list of registrars here or if you want to get one of the country extensions there is a complete list here
Note! the information provided by this tool is to be used for informational purposes only we do not guarantee its accuracy.
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